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How Social Media Can Help Your Business’ Online Presence

Many businesses are looking for strategies that can boost their online presence. It’s true that nowadays many companies are boosting their brand and profile by using different platforms across the internet. One of the bonuses of this is that it’s pretty much free – there are so many different aspects to internet marketing and a main contributor is social media. Social media has grown intensively over the last few years. Facebook is evidently the market leader in this sector, with Twitter spreading a huge online presence since 2007.

Social media in itself is a large aspect of many companies marketing strategy. So how can this help your business?

For starters, setting up a Facebook page can create a platform for your customers to seek service and communication from you, and vice versa. You can receive a great amount of feedback from your customer base if they are aware of your online presence. It’s free to set up a Facebook page and if you want to seek Facebook services further then you are able to pay to use their advertising services.

Secondly, setting up a blog is another great free method of creating and spreading your online presence. Swapping and sharing links is a great way to spread the word about your website and business, and it’s definite method of widening your online presence. You can use websites such as Tumblr and WordPress to create a free blog, and you can use your new found social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) to promote your blog.

If your business creates its own content online then you may also be interested in link building where you can switch and share links with other link builders alike, all in the aim of boosting your ranks on Google.UK guest blogging is something worth looking into – you can do it cost effectively and there are many tools available to reduce time constraints.

Finally it’s worth setting up a Twitter account as you can build a fan follower base. You can do this by hash tagging and involving yourself with current trends that are happening in the Twitter realm. You have nothing to lose with setting up a Twitter account as it’s completely free, you can even download tools to assist your Twitter usage – Tweetdeck. It’s a great way to organise your Tweets, you can even set up timers so you don’t have to continuously monitor the account.

Social media is such a popular aspect of the internet these days, if you aren’t involved already you definitely should be involved. Social media can easily become a valuable part of your marketing strategy, it’s a free method of spreading the word about your company, you can interact with customers, answer queries and create and develop a long term relationship with your fans and followers. It’s a way to create a buzz around your business, you may take on the initiative of involving consumers by encouraging competitions to create interactivity around your products. You can also keep an eye on competition and how they are appearing in the online world.

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Written by Zoe, a keen author who enjoys writing about social media, current trends and blogging