Web Design

Optumus Analytics offers a wide variety of web design options for personal use and corporate design. We can build you a site as simple or as complex as you desire or feel comfortable having. We can develop using WordPress giving you access to the site to change content or build off of XML and Flash to give you dynamic content and stunning visual effects. Our web design will set you apart from your competition and drive traffic directly to you.

Building off of our motto, “a better online is a better you” we strive to provide you with quality web design at affordable prices to fit any budget. We strive to deliver an exciting, unique website you can feel proud of. We take the time go over your options, gage your level of expertise and find what would work best in your industry. We keep you involved in every aspect of the process so you know exactly what is being developed for your brand.

web design

All of our websites come fully optimized providing you with a sitemapindex.xml file, robots.txt file, proper title and H1 optimization, complete meta tags and submission to major search engine indexes such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This process insures your site will easily be found and indexed and will help to grow traffic organically. Combine our websites with a monthly service plan and you guarantee total online domination. Contact us for a quote.

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