Savvy SEO

For many savvy business owners, navigating and keeping up with all the search engine optimization changes and innovations can be daunting. Where does one begin’? Once you start, how do you keep up’? Just as with any business, you need a plan. You need a sound strategy. A map or compass to guide you through the sometimes murky SEO waters.

The ?rst step is to identify what your speci?c goals are. What is it you hope to accomplish’? Do you want to drive more traf?c to your site’? If so, how much’? Do you want to see more customers walking through your doors’? ls your goal to sell more products or services’? Identifying you expected outcome will set the stage for how to go about developing a strong SEO strategy.

There are basically two ways to develop your strategy. One is through self education and to do it on your own. The other is to enlist the services and knowledge of an experienced SEO specialist. The ?rst way can be long and drawn out and render minimal results. The second path will likely require a larger invest, but render better results in the long run. No matter which path is taken, having a plan is essential.

In addition to a plan, you must have a way to measure your results. Probably the most used and obvious method for doing this is to use Google analytics. In this way you can measure traf?c to your site and see what strategies are working best. Some social media sites also have built-in analytics. This is the case with Facebook business page insights. It lets you know if your page is functioning optimally. It also tells you if your fans are engaged and interacting or not.

If you have a brick and mortar you will need additional methods for measuring the success of your SEO strategy. You will want to use some sort of discount or giveaway to get your customers to inform you how they heard about your business. Whether online of of?ine, getting customers or clients to engage with you online is powerful. However, getting them to get their friends and family to do so also is brilliant! This is where creativity and thinking outside the box comes in handy.

This is also why keeping up with hot new trends in search engine optimization is bene?cial. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is not an option for 21st century business owners.

One hot new trend that is gaining more popularity than email is the use of cellular phones. Email open rates on mobile devices is rising. People are now doing more activities, such as shopping, right from their mobile phones. Just a business owners are more sawy, so are consumers. Getting your brand, products and services viewed on mobile devices is the current trend. Understanding what age groups do what on their phones is essential. This goes for all demographics. Therefore you need to clearly identify your target market which another key element to successful SEO marketing.

All too often business owners leave much of this to chance. Trying to appeal to a broad audience minimizes your effectiveness. Here is a tip. Do you know what the new iPhone 5 will be able to do that no phones can do currently’? Do you know the projected release date’? Knowing this can give you a competitive edge. You can plan to use that information to formulate a new SEO strategy. You could use it to promote a product or service built around the new features. Be creative. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Those who planned and though ahead when Facebook switched to the new timelines, are the ones who jumped ahead of the pack. There is no substitute for keeping up on the latest trends and maximize your search engine optimization efforts.