Earn 10% With a Referral

Optumus Analytics is offering extremely generous commission packages to anyone that refers us to a new client. You DO NOT need to do any selling for us, just get us a meeting and we’ll take care of everything else. We do all the selling; you just sit back and collect.

The commission will be 10% of the first year’s ENTIRE contract. So for example, if your referral signs a 6-month contract for $2500 a month, that’s a $1,500 check made out to you, UP FRONT. In another example, a client could sign a $3,500 per month contract for one year, that’s $4,200 in commission!

word of mouth

If you are an employee of a firm and you refer your boss, we will STILL pay you a commission (and your commission agreement is kept CONFIDENTIAL!)

Our firm specializes in Digital and Internet marketing. Our clients DO NOT need to have a website to make use of these services:
-Google Optimization (Getting to the first page of national and local Google searches for certain keywords)
-Google Local Listings
-Social Media Marketing (Designing a fanpage and rapidly gaining thousands of fans on Twitter and Facebook every month)
-Email Marketing

These methods lead directly to more business for our clients and pay for themselves within months.


Friends / Family with new or growing businesses
Your clients or the clients of your firm
Your own firm
Restaurants / Local Businesses

If you think you know anyone who’s business could use these services (that’s essentially everyone) then please get in touch with us to discuss how we can arrange a meeting.

* Commission paid out after 60 days has lapsed between start of new contract.

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