Is Cheap SEO Good?

Normally when we hear the word cheap we understand the connotation. Cheap can be good but usually it comes with a stipulation. Cheap jeans may be affordable but the quality of the material may not be as strong. A cheap car may get you from point A to point B but your vehicle may breakdown after a few years. The same concept can be applied to Search Engine Optimization companies that throw “cheap” around.

What Does Cheap Mean?

Usually when a SEO company offers a cheap service you need to ask some questions.
Why is it so cheap? Are you using automated programs or bots? Do you offer a detailed report of work completed? Are your methods 100% White Hat or ethical?

Some companies use a lot of outsourcing for SEO writing, backlinking, forum submissions and webpage development. While it is OK to outsource, the credibility of these workers need to be evaluated. Are the SEO writers native English speakers? Is the outsourcing company a reputable organization within the United States or another country where English is the primary language? More often than not with a reputable SEO company the answer to these questions is yes but you have to do your due diligence. Remember, this is your website they are working on and in the end is you that can either benefit from proper SEO or be penalized by unethical techniques.

On the other hand if a company has efficient strategy and can keep costs low it is not unheard of to offer the same services at a premium compared to another company – that’s just business. Smaller companies can undersell a larger corporation because they may only have a small number of clients and because they have little upfront costs with regards to employee salary, huge rent and larger technology expenses they may be able to give you the same service at a better rate.

Is Cheap For Me?

It really depends on your goals and what services you need. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad it just means you need to do a little research and investigate the reputation of the company you want to do business with. If you’re looking for SEO services on a monthly basis I would suggest asking around and asking for references. If your goal is just simple blog creation or a onetime cleanup you may have a little leeway but I would never risk my online reputation for a few hundred bucks. As with everything, all that shimmers is not gold but sometimes silver can look real nice shined up.

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