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Optumus Analytics has doubled my business in less than two months. I have so much business I can finally expand.


Being a busy graphic designer I don’t have time to do any opimization for my own site or spend the time on ORM and social media marketing. Optumus Analytics handles all that for me so I can focus on work.

- Anthony B




I contacted Optumus Analytics to see what they could do for me as I am just a webmaster and not a business owner. They were able to rank my site with a competition of more than a billion! I am extremely pleased with the results as my adsense earnigns have skyrocketed.


We never thought we’d get indexed and found as fast as we have! Optumus Analytics helped us with our social media campaigns and now we’re selling more of our products than ever.

- Nick C.



Optumus Analytics has brought my site to the first page of Google and our firm couldn’t be happier!

- Stefano D’Agostino Esq.



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