Frequently Asked Questions
[toggle_content title="-What is Search Engine Optimization?"]

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your rankings with the search engines. Sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing all pull your website and put them in the order in which they see fit based upon how your site is optimized. Search Engine Optimization helps these sites index you faster and see the relative content you want to be ranked for With Search Engine Optimization your website becomes up to date and fully optimized to be ranked higher.

[toggle_content title="-What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?"]
Online Reputation Management is the monitoring of your online presence and maintaining a positive outlook of your brand online. This can include addressing negative reviews on social sharing sites, adding more positive reviews on online review sites such as Yelp and Google Places and removing falsified and fabricated reviews.

[toggle_content title="-What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?"]
Social Media Marketing strives to optimized your presence with social media websites while building a fan base to convert leads. This can include advertising on sites such as Facebook and Twitter or having promotions be announced through status updates. The idea behind Social Media Marketing is to stay current with fans and gain leads while having a voice and a name to your brand.

[toggle_content title="-What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?"]
Search Engine Marketing is the process of increasing the visibility of your site and brand through customized and optimized campaigns. These campaigns can include Paid-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns via search engines or advertising on other sites with contextual advertising.

[toggle_content title="-What are the benefits of online marketing?"]
The benefits of online marketing are vast and vary by location, market and industry but overall they’re always beneficial. With more than 80% of people consulting the internet before they make any major purchase, being a part of that decision is imperative to the future of your business. With a full online marketing package you are guaranteed to outshine and outperform competitors while creating long lasting brand trust.

[toggle_content title="-Do I really need online marketing?"]
Chances are your competitors already have some sort of online marketing and if you don’t then you’re already at a disadvantage. Online marketing allows a larger reach than traditional advertising and statistics show online marketing has now surpassed profitability compared to traditional methods. The reach of online marketing is endless allowing you to tap into audiences and demographs you never could in the past. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to let the world know who you are and give them the opportunity to pick your industry over a competitor. Proper online marketing ensures longevity and provides larger ROIs than traditional marketing.

[toggle_content title="-When will I see results?"]
Results vary according to number of factors which may include keyword difficulty, demograph and competition. The main reason why we can’t give exact time frames is because we don’t control how Google crawls and access page information to determine rank. We are aware of some of the techniques Google employs but like every other online marketing company we have to adapt to Google’s constant changes in search engine algorithms. Optumus Analytics is a state of the art online marketing firm with constant awareness to current industry changes and we pride ourselves on a team that possess the skills to adapt and ensure our techniques coincide with an ever changing industry. While we can’t give you an exact time frame we usually see results within 30 days and by 90 days we see drastic results. The longer you have proper online marketing th longer you will see results.

[toggle_content title="-How much does it cost?"]
Costs vary by industry, difficulty and the services your business requires. Optumus Analytics charges around 60% less than the industry standard and provides about 30% in regards to services. Unlike other marketing companies we do not just focus on one aspect of online marketing. We utilize search engine marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, social media marketing and a lot of content creation to bring you a unique all inclusive marketing package. Although some companies may not need all of these services we do cater our plans accordingly. Contact us for an exact quote.


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