Don’t Ruin Your Reputation – Guest Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Guest blogging can be a great way to get your brand or companies noticed by those in a similar niche as well as build a reputation for a writer on the Internet.  There are several places where you can hire writers to create guest blogging content for you however many companies choose to allocate the work to an in house team member or even write the content themselves.  Unfortunately, unless you are knowledgeable about writing content and know how to write an article that someone will want to publish, the experience may not go as well as you had anticipated.  Below are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Liven Your Content

Just as with reading anything, it is important that a guest blogger keeps their content lively and fresh.  The modern topics create an interest and buzz that old topics simply will not do.  If individuals are posting the same thing that has been written time and time again, there is nothing drawing new readers and old alike to the subject area because they will have read the material before.  It can also lead to a weakened reputation for the company brand as well which can hurt them in their future works as well as their legitimacy in the niche market in which they are writing.

Polished Writing

Polished writing is important when you are writing.  Whether it is for an academic work, a paper, or an article on a guest blog or guest post, editing is important.  A writer must create articles that are grammatically correct and have correct syntax as well.  This is important to keep a reputable image and draw readers in for more.  If a reader is constantly focusing on the mistakes that are in an article, then this can draw attention away from the actual content and nature of the work itself.  It can stifle the message and create negative rather than positive attention for the author.

Over Promotion

The ultimate goal of many writers and guest bloggers is to create a reputation of excellence that will draw readers back to the site they are writing for.  For this reason, it is important that they take the time and opportunity to promote their own personal page in their guest posts.  However, this cannot be done without care or without thought.  Creating a post that is filled with links that draw the reader back to the page every sentence or every paragraph can really draw away from the content and become more like spam.  For this reason, the links and webpage links should be strategically placed and well thought out.  If not, it can turn readers off and make them even less likely to visit your page no matter how much you push it upon them.


If you are planning on creating a reputation for your website via guest blogging posts, there needs to be a set consistency in the work.  You cannot post and then walk away to post until a later time.  There has to be a schedule or routine posting habituated by the article writer.  This is important and can create a reputation for success in your own posts and in future posts, as well as build the reputation of expertise that is desired by most brands.


Guest blogs need to not only create modern content but be unique as well.  The discussion should not only be topical but also stand out among the crowd of companies that are writing on the same topic.  This is not done by creating the same content over and over again.  You will blend in.  Instead, try taking the same topic and looking at it in a new way.  This can be a great way to get the same information across as others, but create a unique approach that will allow the work to standout.

Your blogger outreach strategy needs to avoid the mistakes listed above.  By taking them into account you are sure to successfully build the reputation of your brand.

How Social Media Can Help Your Business’ Online Presence

Many businesses are looking for strategies that can boost their online presence. It’s true that nowadays many companies are boosting their brand and profile by using different platforms across the internet. One of the bonuses of this is that it’s pretty much free – there are so many different aspects to internet marketing and a main contributor is social media. Social media has grown intensively over the last few years. Facebook is evidently the market leader in this sector, with Twitter spreading a huge online presence since 2007.

Social media in itself is a large aspect of many companies marketing strategy. So how can this help your business?

For starters, setting up a Facebook page can create a platform for your customers to seek service and communication from you, and vice versa. You can receive a great amount of feedback from your customer base if they are aware of your online presence. It’s free to set up a Facebook page and if you want to seek Facebook services further then you are able to pay to use their advertising services.

Secondly, setting up a blog is another great free method of creating and spreading your online presence. Swapping and sharing links is a great way to spread the word about your website and business, and it’s definite method of widening your online presence. You can use websites such as Tumblr and WordPress to create a free blog, and you can use your new found social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) to promote your blog.

If your business creates its own content online then you may also be interested in link building where you can switch and share links with other link builders alike, all in the aim of boosting your ranks on Google.UK guest blogging is something worth looking into – you can do it cost effectively and there are many tools available to reduce time constraints.

Finally it’s worth setting up a Twitter account as you can build a fan follower base. You can do this by hash tagging and involving yourself with current trends that are happening in the Twitter realm. You have nothing to lose with setting up a Twitter account as it’s completely free, you can even download tools to assist your Twitter usage – Tweetdeck. It’s a great way to organise your Tweets, you can even set up timers so you don’t have to continuously monitor the account.

Social media is such a popular aspect of the internet these days, if you aren’t involved already you definitely should be involved. Social media can easily become a valuable part of your marketing strategy, it’s a free method of spreading the word about your company, you can interact with customers, answer queries and create and develop a long term relationship with your fans and followers. It’s a way to create a buzz around your business, you may take on the initiative of involving consumers by encouraging competitions to create interactivity around your products. You can also keep an eye on competition and how they are appearing in the online world.

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Written by Zoe, a keen author who enjoys writing about social media, current trends and blogging

4 Special Design Tweaks That Will Make You More Money From Your Blog

Blogging has changed so much since it was first made popular a few years ago. In the past you would get nasty comments if you ever thought about selling something there. It was meant to be your online dairy. Somewhere you talked about what you had for breakfast and how it could have been better. Then suddenly you had these blogs taking over that would actually be classed as a business. No longer were you made to feel like an alien when you tried to charge for something. That made blogging one of the most satisfying things you could do. To think that one day you could leave your job and do it full-time.
Some bloggers are full-time these days. Some of them even make millions of dollars per year and spend their days lying at the beach. That doesn’t come easy and takes a lot of work, but you can work as hard as you want and still not be successful. There’s little things you can do with the design of your website that could help. By putting things in special places you can increase your chances to make more money and maybe one day you can be one of the people who call themselves a professional. Let’s take a look at those little design tweaks and you can test them out for yourself.
Add content buckets
Everyone knows that navigation is so important because people need to find your great content. It can get lost when you have lots of posts, but without people reading your best stuff they won’t be as inclined to buy from you. That’s why you need to design special pages, content buckets, that have all the best links on a certain subject. You can then link to it by putting something in your sidebar. These are not to be confused with category pages, which are pointless and outdated.
Social share buttons
Everyone should have some kind of social share buttons in their website. It’s how everyone can easily share your stuff with all their friends. You get all that traffic for doing absolutely nothing. Your buttons should be somewhere around the end of your posts, because once people have got down to the bottom they should be excited enough to share it. These can easily be added by using plug-ins, so it leaves you with no excuse not to try them.
A resources page
Some people come onto your site and they don’t want to waste any time reading your stuff. They only want to buy something because they prefer reading a book rather than individual blog posts. Even though everyone won’t do this you still need to provide it for the people who will. So have a resource page on your main navigation bar that has a review of every one of your products. Even when people have been reading your site for a while they might click though to see what they can buy.
Use your photo
People love buying from people they trust and you’ll find it happens much more than it used to. They have finally came to the conclusion that some people are only out to make money and everyone can’t be trusted. That means if you throw a photo of yourself up on your website their mind is instantly put at ease. Have it in your sidebar underneath your opt-in form, and also make it clickable so people will be taken to your ‘about page’ to find out more. Once they’re on your ‘about page’ they should go away thinking you’re the most trustable person on the Internet.

Jacob Shelby is the brain behind this informative article. He works for PenTech Consulting, a firm which is well known for its web designing in CT.

Intro to Real Estate Marketing

We’d like to start giving a little bit more back to our loyal clients as well as provide information to help those that have a smaller budget or would just like to learn some basic concepts for internet marketing on their own.

In this first “series” I guess you could call it, we’re wrote up a quick intro for those in the real estate industry that want to learn a little more about online marketing. This isn’t a tutorial by any means but just a soft introductory PDF to get you started and on the right path. We will try to write a few of these a month for all different industries as well as general tips.

Even if you are not in the real estate industry you can still harness some useful information from this eBook. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Google Rolls Out New ‘Disavow’ Tool

The last few months Google has made the internet a mess and if you haven’t noticed Google doesn’t look to kindly on those that have spammy links pointing at their sites. Some of you may have received a warning message in your Google Webmaster’s Account informing you of bad links pointing at your site others have gone ahead and removed these links before Google had to tell them to. However, this process is a painstaking so Google has decided to “help” us out a little with their new ‘Disavow’ tool.

What is This Magical Disavow Links Tool?

The Disavow tool is a new Google Webmaster Tool that allows you to ask Google to not consider certain links to your website that may interfere with your website’s ranking.

This is a very big deal as we’ve all acquired low-quality links over the years – some of you may have even purchased a link (shame on you). You’re going to want to remove these links before Google puts two and two together and your sites at the bottom of the barrel. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like this tool is working retroactively so if you’ve already been penalized for those links then there’s nothing you can do.

Curious To Know How to Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool?

Great! We’re going to explain it to you!

Step 1: Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account. When logged in, you’ll see your website in the gray box. Click the red box that says, ‘Disavow Links.’

Step 2: Click ‘Disavow Links’ again. You’ll see a warning here that using this feature incorrectly can harm your site’s performance in the SERPs. Because, obviously, disavowing links that are beneficial and carry weight will hurt your site.

Step 3: In this step, you’ll upload a file of links that you want removed. Click ‘Choose File’ and upload a plain text file (you can create this in Notepad) with a list of links that you want to disavow. Only one URL per line.

Then click the blue ‘Submit’ button. Then, Done.

If you’d like to disavow an entire domain, you have that option as well as just disavowing one link. You can also add notes to Google explaining why you you’ve requested to disavow links.

It’s important to note that Google only supports one disavowal file per site. If you want to update the file in the future, you’ll need to download the existing file, modify it, and upload the updated one.

Should You Even Care About This?

If you have a dirt history of link building or have done some not so honest white hat techniques you should certainly care. Or if you have been a victim of negative SEO then it might be worth your while to take a gander at this little tool.

Keep in mind that this is also not a guarantee removal. Just because you asked doesn’t mean they will actually remove the links. It’s a strong possibility that they will but you have no idea when.

Protip, if you  accidentally disavow links that turn out to be good, you can undo the process by downloading the file and re-uploading a new one with those good links removed. Just keep in mind the time it takes to remove and then re-add could be months.



Real Estate Marketing Part 1


Savvy SEO

For many savvy business owners, navigating and keeping up with all the search engine optimization changes and innovations can be daunting. Where does one begin’? Once you start, how do you keep up’? Just as with any business, you need a plan. You need a sound strategy. A map or compass to guide you through the sometimes murky SEO waters.

The ?rst step is to identify what your speci?c goals are. What is it you hope to accomplish’? Do you want to drive more traf?c to your site’? If so, how much’? Do you want to see more customers walking through your doors’? ls your goal to sell more products or services’? Identifying you expected outcome will set the stage for how to go about developing a strong SEO strategy.

There are basically two ways to develop your strategy. One is through self education and to do it on your own. The other is to enlist the services and knowledge of an experienced SEO specialist. The ?rst way can be long and drawn out and render minimal results. The second path will likely require a larger invest, but render better results in the long run. No matter which path is taken, having a plan is essential.

In addition to a plan, you must have a way to measure your results. Probably the most used and obvious method for doing this is to use Google analytics. In this way you can measure traf?c to your site and see what strategies are working best. Some social media sites also have built-in analytics. This is the case with Facebook business page insights. It lets you know if your page is functioning optimally. It also tells you if your fans are engaged and interacting or not.

If you have a brick and mortar you will need additional methods for measuring the success of your SEO strategy. You will want to use some sort of discount or giveaway to get your customers to inform you how they heard about your business. Whether online of of?ine, getting customers or clients to engage with you online is powerful. However, getting them to get their friends and family to do so also is brilliant! This is where creativity and thinking outside the box comes in handy.

This is also why keeping up with hot new trends in search engine optimization is bene?cial. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is not an option for 21st century business owners.

One hot new trend that is gaining more popularity than email is the use of cellular phones. Email open rates on mobile devices is rising. People are now doing more activities, such as shopping, right from their mobile phones. Just a business owners are more sawy, so are consumers. Getting your brand, products and services viewed on mobile devices is the current trend. Understanding what age groups do what on their phones is essential. This goes for all demographics. Therefore you need to clearly identify your target market which another key element to successful SEO marketing.

All too often business owners leave much of this to chance. Trying to appeal to a broad audience minimizes your effectiveness. Here is a tip. Do you know what the new iPhone 5 will be able to do that no phones can do currently’? Do you know the projected release date’? Knowing this can give you a competitive edge. You can plan to use that information to formulate a new SEO strategy. You could use it to promote a product or service built around the new features. Be creative. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Those who planned and though ahead when Facebook switched to the new timelines, are the ones who jumped ahead of the pack. There is no substitute for keeping up on the latest trends and maximize your search engine optimization efforts.

Is Cheap SEO Good?

Normally when we hear the word cheap we understand the connotation. Cheap can be good but usually it comes with a stipulation. Cheap jeans may be affordable but the quality of the material may not be as strong. A cheap car may get you from point A to point B but your vehicle may breakdown after a few years. The same concept can be applied to Search Engine Optimization companies that throw “cheap” around.

What Does Cheap Mean?

Usually when a SEO company offers a cheap service you need to ask some questions.
Why is it so cheap? Are you using automated programs or bots? Do you offer a detailed report of work completed? Are your methods 100% White Hat or ethical?

Some companies use a lot of outsourcing for SEO writing, backlinking, forum submissions and webpage development. While it is OK to outsource, the credibility of these workers need to be evaluated. Are the SEO writers native English speakers? Is the outsourcing company a reputable organization within the United States or another country where English is the primary language? More often than not with a reputable SEO company the answer to these questions is yes but you have to do your due diligence. Remember, this is your website they are working on and in the end is you that can either benefit from proper SEO or be penalized by unethical techniques.

On the other hand if a company has efficient strategy and can keep costs low it is not unheard of to offer the same services at a premium compared to another company – that’s just business. Smaller companies can undersell a larger corporation because they may only have a small number of clients and because they have little upfront costs with regards to employee salary, huge rent and larger technology expenses they may be able to give you the same service at a better rate.

Is Cheap For Me?

It really depends on your goals and what services you need. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad it just means you need to do a little research and investigate the reputation of the company you want to do business with. If you’re looking for SEO services on a monthly basis I would suggest asking around and asking for references. If your goal is just simple blog creation or a onetime cleanup you may have a little leeway but I would never risk my online reputation for a few hundred bucks. As with everything, all that shimmers is not gold but sometimes silver can look real nice shined up.

If you’re looking for affordable Search Engine Marketing Optumumus Analytics offers tailored plans based on individual needs. Contact us for a quote.

How to Benefit from ORM and SEO?

Reputable establishments make use of Online Reputation Management (ORM) to protect their online reputation. A lot of people have access to the internet and each one of them is free to post information in the form of feedback. There are times when people may try to tarnish a website’s reputation by posting malicious content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to optimize the content posted online but some brands usually end up as victims of bad publicity. This is where ORM comes in handy since search engines can be used to build credibility or destroy it in equal measure. Search engine marketing can be used to control negative feedback. They should ensure that negative feedback does not overshadow the brand in question. Integrating SEO and ORM has made it possible to boost online business in spite of the bad publicity.

Unfortunately there are many methods that can be used to post the negative feedback online. The objective of ORM is to identify the sources. Once the sources are known you can reduce the occurrence of such incidences and their impact on businesses. ORM can also be used to control the search results from search engines.

SEO companies use their resources to ensure that the content found in search engines is relevant. The role of ORM is to ensure that whatever is posted in the results pages is constructive and beneficial to the business. Online businesses and celebrities are also using this service to develop and maintain their brand.

Social media marketing has taken the internet by storm. Many online businesses are using the concept to build a strong online presence. This from of marketing is quickly creating a niche for itself in the industry. There are instances in which social media marketing has been effectively used for ORM purposes.
Search engines provide the public with information from different media resources as long as it is relevant and current. Any negative comments and suggestions that is posted can be destructive to the mentioned brand. Online businesses can only benefit from online services with the help of SEO, ORM and website analysis services. Companies are now using ORM as a defensive mechanism to protect the hard work they have put into building a good and solid brand. It is very easy for a person to control search results as long as they have the appropriate resources and skills. There are certain factors that need to be considered when coming up with the right strategies to use. As long as you have an online presence you need to invest in ORM, SEO and social media marketing to combat negative feedback.

At Optumus Analytics we work to monitor your business from different dimensions considering they have the capacity to make or break a brand. We spend a lot of time and and effort to completely analyze a website before making recommendations to clients. We then work together in order to achieve the expected results and increase the value of a brand.

Changes For SEO

In the constant online battle of Google vs. SPAM, Google has again drawn into its arsenal to execute yet another update to its search engine results algorithms. This time the update will be the biggest one yet and will effect a large percentage of websites, possibly causing massive drops in search term ranking and potential business profits. Matt Cutts, the head of the “webspam” team at Google and pretty much the authority on all things SEO announced the new update, which is expected to be fully implemented in less than a month. The update will target sites that are overly optimized and focus, even more-so than before, on quality and relative content. The overall goal is according to Cutts, “to level the playing field” and allow sites that don’t do much SEO but have quality content a better chance to rank than a site that uses SEO to the point of abuse.

“We try to make the GoogleBot smarter, try to make our relevance more adaptive, so that if people don’t do SEO we handle that. And we are also looking at the people who abuse it, who put too many keywords on a page, exchange way too many links, or whatever else they are doing to go beyond what you normally expect. We have several engineers on my team working on this right now,” Cutts said.

So what does this mean for SEO?

Google is still holding weight to SEO, just tweaking how the algorithms read into your sites statistics. Proper SEO will now be even more important than before and will have to be done carefully and correctly to ensure the safety and online stability of your site. Online optimization and exposure is still important to your sites integrity in regards to page rankings but building junk backlinks will be a thing of the past. Quality content is king, providing fresh unique content that is relative to people searching for your keywords will help to keep you at the top in Google’s eyes and will allow visitors to put more trust in your site..

Steps to insure you’re safe from the update

1. Synonyms – Google has also announced that the search engine bot is now working on a semantic type search where the bot can recognize comparable keywords. This will protect from abusing search terms and keywords and allow more diversity while keeping content relevant

2. FAQ – Google has said they are going to place weight on definitions and answers. This allows users to retrieve authoritative answers to the keywords or terms they are searching for. Sites can benefit from this by implementing a FAQ or Ask an Expert section on their site to answer direct questions concerning their services or products. This also helps to become index for many terms and phrases.

3. Be an Authroity – Too many sites lack content in regards to what they offer. If your website revolves around your home construction business then don’t just list your services and prices. List the benefits of repairs, the cost effectiveness of your materials and the investment into the property. Diversify and educate your visitors

The ongoing changes from Google are coming more frequently than ever, with three in the past few months, you need to be sure you have a qualified and educated team behind your website. Optumus Analytics provides safe SEO and ORM with a working knowledge and constant awareness to changing trends and Google’s algorithm updates allowing you more time to focus on your business.